I met Helen Fielding today! She was signing her new “Bridget Jones” book at Foyles (Charing Cross Road, London) where really lovely people work! Thank you!

So I arrived in the bookstore around 11am, got my Bridget Jones: Mad about the Boy hardback copy and stood in the priority line. So excited! It was the first signing I attended to, the fact about which I told like three people and Helen herself. I felt a bit awkward because (socially) I am, and I was either standing there, looking at the books and waiting, but when it came to talking I was happily chit-chatting with others.

The lovely staff were giving chocolates to people in the queue but they (chocolates) were gone very quickly so only people in the front had a chance to get them. Then they were giving away t-shirts; everyone got those. It was 12am, Helen had arrived, I was still standing in the line and must have been in my awkward trance when the nice girl from the staff asked me if I’m on my own, so I said yes, and she gave me a chocolate! (And the awkward award gooes toooooo…) Anyway, the staff were talking to all the people and eventually some others got chocolates too.

When I finally got to meet the actual woman who created Bridget Jones, I was super excited. She said it was nice to meet me, I told her I loved her books, thanked her for Bridget, said I’m from Poland (released my inner patriot!), and then another nice guy (staff?) took some pictures of me and Helen. Oh, I didn’t forget to tell her she was the first writer I had a chance to meet in person and it made her happy. (Then, still excited, I went to starbucks to drink PSL.)

It was so cool, guys!!

Helen Fielding was lovely, she got at Foyles at 12pm sharp—no delays, and was nice to everyone. I’m looking forward to more such events in London and can’t wait to start reading the book! (Of course I have fifty others to read.)

  1. flightofthemotion said: So happy for you that you got to meet her! She seems like such a nice person and now you have a book that is written and signed by the creative genius who wrote Bridget Jones! How cool is that!
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